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2022 LINE-UP

Copie de Stef-Paquette-Headshot.jpeg

Singer, comedian


Stef Paquette has over 25 years of experience in the arts. He is best known for his career as a singer-songwriter, but he is also a champion improviser, television actor and comedian. 

His name is linked to several projects: Improteine, TFO 24.7, host of the shows Planète BRBR (TFO), Shawarmaville and Bouge en ville (Fibe TV1). He played a leading role in the TV series Météo+ and Les Bleus de Ramville. (TFO) as well as in the English-language television series Hard Rock Medical (TVO). He also took on several secondary roles in Motel Monstre and Amélie et compagnie (TFO), in Eaux turbulentes (Radio-Canada) and in the film Noël en cane, to name a few. 

Stef is also considered one of the great mentors of French Ontario. The proof? He was named sponsor of the Ontario Pop competition, sponsor of the FTAMS (Festival de Théâtre Action en Milieu Scolaire) twice as well as sponsor of the Festival Quand ça nous chante twice as well!


Singer - Folk, Soul, R&B

Poetic, Groovy, Funk by moment and Soul as a whole, Yao with his baritone voice, succeeds in charming us with the warm universe of his sweet poetry and his artistic audacity.

His pictorial writing – casted in great sensitivity - reminds us of the textual richness of French rap by MC Solaar, Abdel Malik or Oxmo Puccino, with an eclectic pop side - where the musical universes intertwine through the textual escapades of this poet.

While his first solo album (Généris, 2011) was already allowing him to open for French rappers Booba, La Fouine, and the legendary group Bisso Na Bisso (Passi / Neg'Marrons); it was not until 2013 that he stood out with his album "Perles et Paraboles" (pearls and parables); winning 7 nominations at the 2015 Trille Or Awards Gala by the Association des Professionels de la Chanson et de la Musique – APCM (Association of Songwriting and Music Professionals.)

That same year, he received the Édith-Butler prize from the Foundation of the Professional Society of Authors and Composers of Quebec (SPACQ.)

His project "Lapsus" in 2016, then introduced him to a wider audience: entering 24th of the Top 200 new releases on iTunes Canada, in the "French Pop" category and obtaining 2 nominations at the Trille Or Awards Gala 2017 - "Best author, composer or songwriter” and “Export Ontario (the most successful Ontario artist outside the province.)”

He also won that year, the Francophone Music category of the “Canadian Song Writing Competition” with the song “Dans le sang” and obtained an honorable mention for the song “Nomade.”

In 2019, with 7 nominations at the Trille Or Awards Gala, he won the top 3 coveted prizes, as "Artist of the year", "Show of the year", as well as "Media’s favourite."

Just as active behind the scenes, as he is on stage, Yao received the Senate’s Commemorative Medal in November 2017, marking the 150th anniversary of the Confederation of Canada. A distinction aimed at highlighting his achievements as well as his involvement in the community, through his art and his work to promote cultural diversity.

And thanks to his work as an artist-educator, he was awarded the 2018 Artist-Educator Award from the Ontario Arts Foundation.

After numerous shows on a national scale (in 10 of the 13 provinces and territories), as well as internationally (France, Switzerland, Belgium, Madagascar, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco, Cape Verde), Yao and his musicians, offer a personal, vibrant, and captivating show that you will want to see more than once.


Photo promo 4 - Crédit_ Philippe Larivière - Créaphil.jpg

Singer - Indie/Pop


Céleste Lévis is a proud Franco-Ontarian from Timmins, Ontario. From her very first notes, you will be entranced by her singular and powerful voice. Since her impressive journey on the popular Quebec TV version of The Voice, she has taken the stage across Canada and has accumulated many nominations and awards, including a nomination at le Gala de l’ADISQ for best Adult contemporary album, several nominations at the Gala des Prix Trille Or and at the Capital Music Awards, taking home Best virtual performance of the year in 2021. 

This singer-songwriter has just released her fourth studio album in fall 2021. Through her songs, she conveys her unique depth and style that will surely lull those who take the time to listen.



DJ - Electronique music

DJ UNPIER projects boundless energy on stage. We have seen him performing alongside Miro, Jacobus and Radio Radio, LGS, Georgette, etc. His songs put forward French-speaking artists on current beats. He is part of the new generation of beatmakers and is at the crossroads of EDM and pop sounds. 

DJ UNPIER provided artistic direction for the opening show of the Festival franco-ontarien in June 2019, featuring FouKi, Alaclair Ensemble, Laurence Nerbonne, Sarahmée, DJ Abeille & Mélissa Lavergne, Jacobus and Caracol. He also created the song for the opening of the new season of FLIP on TFO, Pop ta Bulle. 
Recipient of two prizes at the East Coast Music Awards 2020 for the album Caviar by rapper Jacobus (rap/hip-hop recording of the year and French recording of the year), DJ UNPIER also participates in Georgette's album (6 November 2020) with the song Le mal (co-produced by the DJ duo UNPIER and Pierre-Philippe Côté) and a remix of the track Tour de piste by Thick Glasses (under Slam Disques / Hell For Breakfast label).




Breezy is a Canadian singer/songwriter, musician, and producer currently living in Hamilton who grew up in Montreal. He started releasing music since 2020 starting with his debut album Victory following with his single Give It All and EP Cabin Fever both released in 2021. 

Le Gros Orteil - Hisse et Ho -age01.jpg



The company Le Gros Orteil, founded in 2013, has as its primary mission the creation of shows, events and professional workshops for young audiences, mixing the disciplines of circus arts, physical theater and clowning. The company aims to promote improvisation as the starting point for the birth of a show, to translate the authenticity of emotions, and to favor friendly interactions with its audience. Because children are nuggets of spontaneity and an overflowing imagination, our shows leave plenty of room for imagination, travel and dreams. Without a fourth wall, artists involve children in their stories.
Blending clowning, theater and the circus arts, Le Gros Orteil performance company creates high-quality shows for young audiences. Improvisation, truthful emotions and interaction with the audience bring our shows to life. With their themes of travel and dreaming and enriched with subtle educational messages, our performances leave ample room for children’s avid imaginations and spontaneity to flourish, embarking our young audiences on a journey of story, emotion and reflection.




Mimi O'Bonsawin is an award winning singer-songwriter. You can find Mimi out on the road bringing songs and stories to diverse audiences all over this country and abroad. Her songs are heavily influenced by her Abenaki & French-Canadian roots and flow through a centre of love and creativity. Her compositions are nurtured by the beauty of her home landscape, and her performances honest and raw.

Her newest release ELLE DANSE is a self-produced french EP that has been gaining momentum with placements on Spotify, Amazon and Apple Music curated playlists. ELLE DANSE was in ELMNT FM’s top 10 Best Albums of 2020 and it was recently nominated for two prizes at the TRILLE OR Awards.  


Born in the city of Mopti in Mali and since childhood with his family, he began to practice the African percussions of his region, the djembe, the dumdum, the calabash, the balafon, and to play in traditional ceremonies. Later, he studied drama at the Center National des Arts in Bamako. During a tour in France with Acte Sept, he was invited by the French group Lo’jo to perform at the Les Nuits Couleurs festival.

In 2000, he moved to France and multiplied concerts and tours with renowned groups (Lo'jo, Zenzile, Adama Yalomba, Maré Sanogo, etc.). He plays in particular at the Printemps de Bourges, Solidays, Le bout du monde, Africolor, Africajarc, Festival d'Avignon, Jazz à Montreux, etc. festivals. He also participates in composition projects on the albums of Lo’Jo (Bohême de cristal) and Adama Yalomba (Kassa), or for the contemporary dance company, Norma Claire.

In 2011, he moved to Montreal. He performs alongside local and international world music artists in Quebec and Canada (Nuits d’Afrique, Vues d’Afrique, AfroFest, etc.). In 2013, he received a first creation grant for the project, Bala-Phone, a show he presented at the MMM Festival, notably surrounded by the trad/jazz guitarist Marc Maziade (MAZ) and the pianist Javier Ascencio (Latin jazz). The same year, he joined the Zab Maboungou/Nyata-Nyata dance company, with which he has since toured several times in Canada and internationally.

  For several years, he has also collaborated with the Center of Musicians of the World where he gives workshops, and with which he carried out a creative residency in the fall of 2020 with the musicians Olivier Babaz (double bass) and Gabriel Schwartz (saxophone, pandeiro , flute). He also offers numerous percussion and balafon workshops in schools and festivals for different audiences (schoolchildren, families, adults, etc.).

Musician - drums from Mali

Adama 2.jpg


Hassan El Hadi is an accomplished composer and singer, as well as an Oud player. Originally from Marrakech Morocco, where all the diversity of Moroccan music is mixed, hegrew up under the influence of the melodic rhythms of the Annual Popular Arts Festivals, the daily market in the Jemaa el Fna square and numerous ceremonies and festivities local.
Leader and founder of the Hassan El Hadi group since his arrival in Quebec in 1995, he steadily progressing in his musical career. He studied and graduated from Marrakech Music Conservatory where he received the honor of best Oud player in 1994. He skillfully plays the banjo, the hajhouj (a rectangular camel skin body with a long fretted neck) and percussion.
He not only played with many music groups from the Middle East and Asia and has also worked with bands ranging from western classical music to Afro-Cuban rhythms. In the spring of 2003, he undertook a three-month tour in some of the biggest cities in Egypt, playing with a band highly regarded in Egypt as the best oriental jazz musicians in their country.

Singer - moroccan music

Hassan 1.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 13.34.28.png


Kids & Family Participatory

Music Show

In 1994, Louis Bellemare founded the Samajam Percussion School. Each week, classes in African percussion, Brazilian percussion, Latin percussion and Gumboot percussive dance are given mainly to the general public, but also to children. The private school has become over the years the largest percussion school in Canada, with a large team of teachers / facilitators welcoming up to 800 participants each week.

The SAMAJAM experience in the field of event and corporate productions is distinguished by the active participation of all those present, to whom are distributed several musical instruments, and who collectively become musicians. SAMAJAM produces up to 400 event productions every year, especially music team building, participative music nights, sports events, product launches, and tailor made shows.

In 2016, SAMAJAM finally goes international with a youth show. After this experience, SAMAJAM returns to the drawing table in 2017 and creates a brand new and ambitious youth show: the SAMAJAM Kids and Family Music Show, directed by Louis Bellemare and assisted by Mathieu Gélinas, who becomes the same year the Chinese show on the most popular tour in the history of this country. In 2018, this success continues and a guaranteed minimum of 600 shows will be broadcast in a hundred cities, by 4 teams of artists on the road, for a total of 400,000 tickets sold estimated.

Rythmo 2! is a 200% participatory youth musical show, in which ALL participants receive several percussion instruments during the performance. They too become show musicians!


Samba, percussions

Hamilton Beat Harmonic is a percussion driven ensemble playing a dynamic mix of Afro, Brazilian, Latin and hip-hop music. HBH tight, upbeat, and high intensity performances aim to bring people together in dance and celebration.

One part of HBH's repertoire is inspired by the samba reggae musical traditions of northern Brazil under the instruction of Pato Martinez of T.Dot Batu, a banner under which Hamilton Beat Harmonic proudly plays on special occasions. Other arrangements are a unique fusion of samba reggae, samba, funk, and hip-hop. Join the beat!

HBH logo.png


Dazzling hoop dancer

Makhena is an Anishinabe-Cree artist. Born and raised in Ottawa, she connects to its culture through the arts, especially hoop dancing: “As an urban native, I grew up off a reserve and without an elder around me. Dance allowed me to meet incredible people who helped me develop my identity.
Today, Makhena awakens non-natives to his culture by sparking curiosity and breaking down barriers among those who have a "negative understanding" of it.

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